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AIR Global Executive Search knows your human resources need to be managed with optimum efficiency to achieve better results and to increase productivity. We put your existing and future staff members into realistic situations to see how they interact.


Our Assessment program enables our clients to make sounder decisions in less time and very substantially contributes to reduce the rate of error when recruiting, promoting or even auditing your human potentials.


When can our assessment centre be useful to you?


  • To test a limited number of candidates selected by you in relation with the job requirements

  • To prepare a career move to a new department

  • To reassess or re-evaluate you staff


What benefit do you get from the assessment centre?


It increases your success rate sample through the following methods:


  • Results are measured against a large sample base

  • Confidentiality and ethical treatment are guaranteed

  • Tests are used in a responsible manner

  • Individual feedback is available from professionals

We involve and we apply ourselves to your human potential development and consequently to your organisation’s success!


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